Diesel System & Bosch Technology

Bosch EPS 815
We have permanently aimed to be contemporary with the latest technologies, in order to offer quality services to a very large gamut of diesel system users. Following this idea, Express Diesel was the first service to use, for diagnosing the fuel injection aggregates, the Bosch EPS 815 test bench with electronic KMA. This test bench offers the possibility of diagnosing and fixing of both mechanical and electronic aggregates.

Also, Express Diesel is the only diesel service in San Diego which is equipped with the COVEC system, used for diagnosing, adjusting and remedying of the ZEXEL fuel injection pumps, which are put on Nissan, Isuzu, Mazda and Opel motors or other industrial equipments and stationary motors.


Common Rail High-Pressure Pumps:
We have a broad range for every generation of common rail systems and repair work can be preformed at our Diesel Center.

Common Rail Injectors:

  • Solenoid-controlled injectors
  • Piezo injectors for the third common rail system generation
  • Repair work can be performed at our Diesel Center.

Diesel System Testing EPS
To keep pace with the rapid progress in truck diesel engine technology, Bosch develops innovative testers for the precise diagnosis of diesel components.

  • The EPS 815 component test bench can be extended with supplementary equipment sets to deal with any task. Even the lasest diesel engines can components can be repaired.
  • Already 60 million Piezo-controlled common-rail injectors are in use. The new common-rail injector tests kit is designed for efficiient and highly accorate testing of Bosch systems and other systems from other manufactures. Testing of competitors components is still in preparation. This test kit extends the functions of EPS 815

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